Thursday, 19 February 2009

Half term means wind, and sludge, as the last of winter vanished and left us with the dim prospect that spring might happen one day soon. So we did the only thing you possibly can do at a time like this, and headed for the coast. We got wet, and windy, and a bit wetter, and a little bit windier. We discovered that sand doesn't taste good, even if you are only a year old, but the seaquarium at Weston does suprisingly good french fries. We painted in the sand, and made ginormous footprints, and rode on the poor minimum wage donkeys. These beasts, they have one heck of an attitude. I know donkeys have a reputation anyhow, but there was a real air of chain-smoking rebellion about this lot. They WERE the donkey equivalent of the Tesco cashiers who can't be bothered to interrupt their private conversations to remove a couple of hundred quid from your wallet for the monthly shop. But they made the kids happy, and for the rest of the day they galloped up and down shouting "carrots, carrots, carrots" and giggling wildly- this being, you understand, the verbal command necessary to increase productivity. Perhaps someone should tell Messrs Brown and Obama?


  1. LOL... sounds lovely, but haven't you read Alfie Kohn? Carrots don't work any better than sticks ;-) Unless maybe if you're a donkey - love your description of them "chain-smoking rebellion". hee.

  2. My children don't read the parenting manuals, don't realise that bribery and rewards don't work and just keep on asking for them. It's such a problem.



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