Friday, 17 April 2009

Moving pictures

Oh yes, there's more. Other highlights of the weekend included hanging out with family. No photos, but I love and miss my aunt and uncle, and I got to see my baby cousin, his new girlfriend and beautiful cocker spaniel. The springer up above is ours, Maya, who got so exhausted trying to get back up the sheer drop that she hurtled down in her desperate hurry to get into the river (that's the Wear) that she actually sat down for a rest on a walk. Not for long, mind, but it's exciting in and of itself. She may be growing up, and that would be quite exciting too.
Oh, and I'm pregnant. Again. No, I'm not ALWAYS pregnant, it just feels that way, yes, we do know what causes that, they are all mine and yes, we even own a TV. But if they hadn't cancelled Battlestar Galactica, we probably wouldn't be in this predicament ;)

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